Thursday, 16 February 2017

Career Changes: Why You Should Consider Public Relations

Hi There!

So I guess your year has kicked off on a strong note and if you are like me, the economic period has only made you tougher, as a purebred Nigerian ahn, we survive. But surviving is limited, the start of a new year presents an opportunity for you to do something right today towards a better future. 

You should take a personal assessment and find out what life's ingredient is missing in your daily habits, requisite skills and innate creativity thats stopping you from reaching heights you've dreamed. 

Could it be that you are in a profession thats just not fit for you due to circumstances and course studied at school? Then maybe you need to get up and do something about it this very moment, take a course, self study, prayerfully make a career change... do something new.

Now let me tell you a little fact about Public Relations and why considering a career in it might just be the next right move. According to Money Magazine, PR position is one of the best 50 jobs in America, (not sure about the rest of the world or your part of the world but google is your best bet for that answer) it is also a fact that PR is a part of the rapidly growing service sector in these times. 


Therefore, are there skills and abilities you might have that puts you as a potentially successful PR Practitioner? 

Lets find out, I  will try to break it down into five simple bullets below;

1. You are a compelling story teller or writer: by this you are able to conceive a message, compose it from its general idea to the body, central idea and bring it to a captivating closing smartly and succinctly.

2. You are able to analyse media consumption habits: this mostly is an innate ability, like a psychic you are able to assume the persons you want to communicate to and anticipate their need and how they want to hear it. This helps you create materials which speaks to them.

3. You are a born creative: I mean you have the natural ease of ability to be creative, in brainstorms and teams you show difference in thinking which produces astonishing results eventually. This is a key skill in thinking up tactics for successful campaigns globally.


4. You love, seek and thrive under pressure: the PR industry is a buzz world, you have to be able to bask in numerous world information and not be swirled but instead harness an uncommon energy and produce unique results for your company or clients. For us as PR practitioners, we relish restlessness and enjoy pressure. Think of an orange... how do you get the juice without pressure?!

5. Now this for me is a single most vital skill, ability to build and sustain relationships: In PR, relationship is everything! With the media, your client, potential leaders, key gate-keepers in organisations etc. You have to be able to recognise the right relationships necessary for your business and nurture it genuinely and not because you will need them only but because you truly appreciate the roles they play. 

...relationship is the oil in the wheels of PR -- Ophylia Ibekwe

There are other skills I will like to discuss but wouldn't want a lengthy post here as the five discussed above are top on that list. Next time I will talk about others or you connect with me on social media for more discuss.

The above skills are transferrable and relatable with any clime and location around the globe, was your answer YES to all five? If so you are on your way to unlocking the gift of loving what you do! Something everyone seeks in their career path and 2017 is already a fantastic year!

All the best!

Your PR Chic

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Friday, 11 March 2016

The Pause... Before You Play

I was going over my initial plans for the new year as I walk past a store on Adeniran Ogunsanya in Surulere end of Lagos when I heard someone exclaim "baba do my own too" ... I paused to think for a second, this phrase has become very common in our environment, a society where your 'situation' can turn around in just 24 hours! (Case in point Adekunle Gold's video for "pick up the call").

Really, we can no longer accept what we see at the surface level as what is anymore. It's also now more important than ever in our society to not "burn bridges" as you never know who's suddenly going to be the next decision maker in a situation regarding you. Question remains, is this a Myth or Fact ? 


Its still the early stage of the new year and most people are filled with hope for a better year, better days, better opportunities. While this is a good thing, it is important that the bedrock of this hope is built on the right principles and values.

Let me quickly break this down, Principles are facts of nature which explains how something works and why something happens. So whatever your religion, culture or status is, if you apply same principles you should get similar results.


Now what about Values? Simply put, values are things or principles that you believe are important in the way you live. So values help you set your priorities right basically and if you follow it through, you can begin to live efficiently by adhering to what 's most important to you and things which will grow you.

This article comes as a nudge in that, while you revisit your plans and prioritise what things are important in actualising your goals this year, it will do you some good to spell out some fundamental principles to guide and drive your chase.

For instance, if you say I want to be as rich as Dangote or I want to be as influential as Mo Abudu, remember to go back and examine what lifestyle and characters got them where they are. Let these principles guide you.


Don't just dream and expect an overnight turn-around or a sudden miracle but do this;

  • Dream

  • Create a clear path to actualising this dream

  • Position yourself for possibilities (I'll talk about this in the next series; be deliberate about your associations)

  • Prioritise your time

 ....and essentially

  • Pray on every dream and goal you have set out to achieve, ask our maker to direct you and increase your capacity to achieve this.

These being said, still enjoy a fab year, word out is, its going to be a "Stress Free Year", do you still believe? Well I do very much. I have keyed into this by strongly believing and accepting it, It has shaped the way I think and react to things so far this year.

I hope you will too! The sky is just your starting point!... see you around.

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Monday, 28 September 2015

Lagos This Sallah!

Lagos is indeed a vibrant city, maybe a little too vibrant actually. It's a place where you can be whatever you want to be, live your dreams and create your realities. 

To fully appreciate the scenery and beauty of the bustling city, one must take time out in the evenings and sometimes late nights to experience Lagos. 

The city achieves some level of calmness and sanity most evenings, especially on holidays, people are less "aggressive", there is cheer, and traffic is less also. 

This Sallah represented different things to different people. For some it was time to spend time with family and loved ones, for others it was time to relax and have fun like never before and for some it was time to spend quality solitary time with our maker. 

Whichever class you belonged, I'd like to think it was a fulfilling holiday. One lesson which came out frankly this period was the fact that if your happiness and satisfaction is still derived from things material or from people, then you really haven't started living at all. 

It's time to begin to appreciate the power of self, to look inward at things beyond our general daily challenges and actually start to create our own realities. Good news is, you are here now to live out today in a way that will make the dreams of tomorrow a reality. 

For me, it was a good mixture of relaxation, fun, some extra work time to meet up some PR deliverables and solitary moment with my maker. 

However, remarkable moments this holiday will be time spent with close friends at Karaoke, Industry night where Timi Dakolo performed magically and importantly, unique time spent as a first time worshipper at the Elevation Church Lekki. 

Timi Dakolo on stage at Industry night last Wednesday... 

My satisfaction and joy comes from contentment, thankfulness and self love... And now I'm recharged with a new kinda vibe and enthusiasm to resume extra ordinary work at the office and I'm hoping I could infect you with some of this vibe I'm feeling. 

This story is incomplete without yours, therefore I really would love to read from you at the comment section, how was this Sallah Holiday for you? Let's gist, Ciao! 

Photo credits: Cegroni, Google. 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Quicky! Lagos at the brink...

So I have decided to start a Quicky Series, quick, insightful stories about trends and happenings around us.

Today's focus is on Lagos, I feel a sudden urge and responsibility to talk about the Lagos I had grown to love, be proud of and quickly defend whenever people try to throw jabs at it. However, this hasn't been the story for some months now. 

This is Lagos

I have moved from shock to awe to shock again, I have watched as our dear rules, values that were strictly upheld by the former Governor of the state, Babatunde Raji Fashola, largely unpopular laws those days and fiercely fought against by small minded people at first but eventually brought, sanity, peace, reduction in accidents and even safety of persons and goods gradually relapse.

Ex-Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola reprimanding an officer publicly for breaking the law

Now July 2015, its almost a song of the past, was it not just yesterday it was a crime to take one-way, face on-coming vehicles and disrupt traffic? Or when was it that you’ll take the pain to go through the pedestrian bridge over the high way for fear of being arrested, I mean arrested for your own safety if you dare cross the high way? 

How about, cleanliness? It was a crime to throw out your dirt on the road ... I am sure you reader are getting jolts right now in your memory... The waterways, neat, nice and orderly... you can add yours at the comment section. 
This the Spot! See some Lagosians crossing the high-way right beside a pedestrian bridge

I drive through Ikorodu road most mornings and the state of things is troubling, people no longer acknowledge the pedestrian bridge even exist, they crowd the high-way like its a sprint to a medal for who doesn’t get hit by the fast moving cars. Motorcycle’s crisscrossing like they have several other lives at home? What about vehicles facing the wrong direction (opposite) on the service lanes? I pray we do not experience the era of Okada robbers again in Lagos, I remember when that was rampant.

Now I begin to wonder, much as I support #Change even though in Lagos what we hoped for was #Continuity of progressive initiatives, has the priority if this government changed?  Or maybe we as citizens need to uphold our own end of the deal, to ensure sustenance of our dear Lagos, this for me is critical. Don’t indulge in breaking these rules and don’t endorse or condone it around you.

Now to our present leaders, how is it that we haven't addressed this knowing that security of persons in the state is principal? Meanwhile, can bloggers, columnist begin to use their medium to educate residents that those initiatives were not a #Fashola syndrome but form parts of a structure put in place to enable the state move forward and assume its status as a true Metropolitan city with huge potentials in Africa and out of Africa?

This is Lagos, I love my Lagos and we must together make it great!

I lay my pen... My keyboard, Lets hear from you below, cheers!

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Knock Knock Guess Whose Life Has Just Begun?


It’s the start of the second half of 2015 and while its a good time to actually reflect and re-strategize (very key) it’s also a time to count our many blessings! The most obvious, YOU!

YOU are alive today, you are reading this post, whether YOU are seeing it or its being read to YOU, YOU are coherent enough to comprehend this, Its great news and YOU know what the greater news is, YOUR Future.

Today we have to make tomorrow better, lets purge ourselves of all the hate, anger and actually start living...

Like the famous poet & novelist Rudyard Kipling suggests in his poem "IF" (My favourite kicker, in moments when I almost feel like giving in) lets greet each day with a new hope and vibrancy for tomorrows' successes. Lets love, lets live, lets forgive... lets give, lets begin to do those things we most feared we may fail at.

*    That new idea for a brand you manage, stop stalling, propose it, it just might be the deal maker and if not, re-think another.

*    That business you once failed at? Revisit it, what went wrong and try again or another (research and knowledge will help you here)

*    Don't give up on relationships, rather, work on you, be the type of person he or she will be fulfilled being with

*    TRAVEL... words cannot explain how much knowledge you gain from travels and it doesn't have to be glamorous tours... you definitely should ball on a budget with this one.

*    And very importantly, get familiar with the digital world, very soon our lives will become very dependent on this and I don't mean in a way that our world crumbles without it but in a way that our actual daily living becomes easier. Therefore, embrace the blessings of technology and the evolving digital landscape, your next breakthrough lies therein, who knows, maybe...

I can go on and on but I’d like to hear from you too and checkout this excerpt second paragraph from the poem I referred to:

"IF" by Rudyard Kipling

If you can make one heap of all your winnings 
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss, 
And lose, and start again at your beginnings 
And never breathe a word about your loss; 
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew 
To serve your turn long after they are gone, 
And so hold on when there is nothing in you 
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

See entire poem HERE

Monday, 18 May 2015

Exclusive Photos from Your PR Chic's Birthday Dinner Earlier in 2015

Hi there!
So it took me this long to finally get around writing this post and sharing some interesting pictures. Maybe I have been busy serving other people (helping brands and distinct individuals) or maybe we blame it on the election frenzy in the country until we saw our desired #Change come to power or just maybe because content generation is something you have got to build consistently (this sounds more like the reason, haha!) I leave you to wonder but while you are at it, enjoy this refreshing pic-story.

Steadily growing PR practitioner in the country, one of the few young female professionals in the Marketing Communications industry marked her birthday with a few close friends recently in Lagos.

The dinner however having a few guests had a very rich network of young brilliant minds from Nigeria and South Africa. Amongst those in attendance were; popular and notable Master of ceremonies "Georgewill", Digital Communications Strategist Ahmed Bulbulia, Peter Ekunkoya, Siren Entertainments boss Wole Idowu, Brand Manager "Always" P & G, Seun Balogun, TV series producer Moments with Mo, Damilola Amele, Rotimi Ogunwede MediaReach Omd, Celebrated Photo Artist Novo of NovoImages, Ololade Oludemi and a handful of Sahara Energy Groups' young executives; Adeoti Onabolu, Anne Chinweze and Damilola Jibunoh.

An evening of calm fun, fine indian/chinese meals, jokes and best of all... conversations. Everyone has a story; we are each made up of emotions, experiences and motivations that make us who we are, different, unique.

It’s why this story must not be left untold... Communication is about capturing moments, sharing, listening and learning and these days people don’t just want to hear you speak, they want to talk back also.

I have also learnt as I grow, that my biggest USP as a living being is "Brand Me". No one is "You" and thats the power that we have. So take advantage of this, build Brand You and re-write your story if need be, the world is waiting to see you be the best you there can be!

I will like to hear from you also at the comment segment, feel free to ask me questions or share your story on this platform, who knows I just might feature you next. 

Digital PR Genius, Ahmed Bulbulia who happens to be a birthday mate of the 'celebrant'

Rotimi Ogunwede

L-R: Seun Balogun & Celebrated MC, Georgewill
Damilola Amele & Temidayo
CEO Siren Entertainment, Wole Idowu & Temidayo

Temidayo & Buddy, Ololade Oludemi
Seun Balogun & Temidayo

Celebrated Photo Artist & Close friend of Temidayos', Novo of NovoImages arrives

Deoti Onabolu & Anne Chinweze

Before meal gossip *Wink*

What's on the menu!

Damilola Amele
"Celebrity Moment"

Fiercely Fleek

Toast to a beautiful future for all the Nigerian Youth out there
L-R: Temidayo & Lolade Oludemi

Roll Call

Dami Jibunoh & Dami Amele

Cake on Fire! 

Listening as people share interesting stories

Share a Coke with...
MC Georgewill


Temidayo & Cousin Chidi Ibekwe

Whats a great hangout without a #Selfie ...eeee


Spot another funny story...

Beauty & Brains

Smile so deep...
Photo Credits: OgechePhotography